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Watts Premier 560039 UF-3 Ultra Filtration, 5-Filter Annual Water Filter Replacement Pack

  • Watts Premier 560039 UF-3 Ultra Filtration, 5-Filter Annual Water Filter Replacement Pack
  • Watts Premier 560039 UF-3 Ultra Filtration, 5-Filter Annual Water Filter Replacement Pack
  • Watts Premier 560039 UF-3 Ultra Filtration, 5-Filter Annual Water Filter Replacement Pack
  • Watts Premier 560039 UF-3 Ultra Filtration, 5-Filter Annual Water Filter Replacement Pack

Watts Premier 560039 UF-3 Ultra Filtration, 5-Filter Annual Water Filter Replacement Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Designed for use with Watts Premier's 3-Stage Ultra Filtration System
  • Kit includes two Sediment Filters, two Carbon Block Filters, and one Hollow-Fiber Membrane
  • Easily change out filters with a push button release
  • WQA certified. Superior quality carbon block reduces herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and VOCs from your water
  • Recommended replacement of Sediment and Carbon Block Filters every 6 months, and Hollow-Fiber Membrane once a year
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Customer Reviews

They are not a perfect solution for every case these have gone up in price considerably since I bought the original faucet kit. I did a review on the whole kit back then and I still stand by it to this day. These filters really work for what they can handle. They are not a perfect solution for every case. But given my well water situation, these are working out excellent. And that is THE ONLY reason I would continue to spend $100 for replacement filters. Because they are so expensive, we run them much longer than they probably should be. But the results have always been excellent. What else can I say, these work. 4It does not work in reducing TDS The filter looks fancy. However, it is useless at all in reducing TDS. I've used it for 2 years without knowing it really works or not. I recently got a TDS meter to test all water sauces at my house. My tap water is typically 142ppm, while this water through this filter is 147ppm, even slightly higher. The meter is accurate, as still water comes out with "1" only, and Poland Spring "22". I am not sure it it really gets rid of lead or pesticide as it claims, while my tap water has no problem in lead or pesticide. Therefore, I will discontinue this filter. 1I've used this product for years and I like it. I took off a star because in ... I've used this product for years and I like it. I took off a star because in the last set one of the sediment filters (red label) had no label on it and would not fit onto the unit. The other red one clicked in smoothly. Very strange. Amazon is sending me a new set and I have to sent the complete set back. I won't let this keep me from buying more of them as this is the first time this has happened. Strange tho, no label?...doesn't fit?..what was I being sent?? 4Good Filters, but the price is now out of control! This is a good filtration system, but the price has sky-rocketed. If they were cheaper I'd give them 5 starts - if they keep going up, I'll get a different system. 3Easy to install. Too expensive. UPDATE: The price of these filters keeps going up. They used to be ~$60 a few years back but now they are ~$100. A 50% price increase is unreasonable. My income didn't double. I am currently looking to replace the whole system with something that has cheaper replacement filtersORIGINAL REVIEW: These are the correct replacement filters for Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System. This set is designed to last 1 year. The filters were well packaged. They all have protective caps at the top. They were very easy to install. 2Replacement filters clogged - Again! While I have been happy with my Watts Premier system overall, this is the second set of replacement filters that have clogged immediately upon installing them. I just did my 6-month maintenance and put in the new red and blue filters. Water flowed for about 20 seconds before stopping completely. Now the only way I can get water through the system is to put back in the old filters. It's been six months since I purchased the set so it's too late to return them. Very disappointed. 2Water filters. These filters improve the taste and quality of our tap water. A tip that we find helpful is to write with a Sharpie the date that you change the filters right on the side of the filter. Remember that the middle filter on the display photo, the one with the purplish label only gets changed once a year or so, and the other two very 6 months or so. If you change all three with the first change, you can purchase the purplish label filer by itself. It is more expensive that way, but, you will again have a complete set to change. We actually don't change the filter quite as frequently as the manufacturer recommends, and still have great taste and quality. 5Makes your water taste like it should Our city water not only has a strong mineral taste (side effect of living amongst the oldest mountain range on the planet) but oodles of chlorine. These filters in combination do a fantastic job of making our water taste good again. We use these only for drinking water (including tea and coffee) but not for cooking or such so they do last quite a long time better than the pitcher-type filters do! Detaching the old filters and installing the new ones onto the base unit is a snap.Pro-tip: since not all the filters get replaced at the same time, when you install them, write on them with a marker the date each needs to be replaced and write it on your calendar, too! 5Great filtration system for tap water We put the Watts beverage faucet in our kitchen sink almost two years ago. For a family that drinks as much water as we do, this has been super useful! We didn't want to deal with filter pitchers or unattractive things that clip on to your faucet head. The fact that this has a three stage system is what sold us initially, and two years and 4 filter changes later, still going strong.Would highly recommend this if you have or can make an extra spot in your kitchen faucet lineup. 5Filter changes...nothing earth-shattering. These filters work great for our water (South Carolina coast) which is heavy in minerals but overall low in pollution and colliform contamination (intestinal bacterial mostly from live stock drainage) according to the annual water report. The tap water has a musky smell related to the naturally occurring bacteria in the lake during the summer and heavy chlorine taste so we purchased the Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System and have changed once. We have been using the water filter for about 1 year now and are very happy with the water flow rate and quality. We use this water filter several times and day including watering plants and boiling for cooking. It has a noticeable degradation in water quality at the 6 months mark but again your rate of changing will depend on your usage. We probably don't get much use of the micron filter as our water is essentially void of pathogenic organisms. Watts recommends changing the micro filter (purple) once a year. The others are changed in 6 month increments hence while you receive two of the blue and red filters. It really doesn't make financial sense to purchase these separately if you can even find them.Changing the filters is easy but I recommend releasing the water pressure by turning off the water supply and turning on the counterpart supply. I learned the hard way that changing these filters with full pressure can result in water return into your face. Have a towel and bucket/pan ready because there will be some water drippings regardless. 5
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