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Wedgit White Mini Small size Twist Tight Adjustable Sliding Window & Door Security Bar extends from 15" to 25" (SMALL SIZE)

  • Wedgit White Mini Small size Twist Tight Adjustable Sliding Window & Door Security Bar extends from 15" to 25" (SMALL SIZE)

Wedgit White Mini Small size Twist Tight Adjustable Sliding Window & Door Security Bar extends from 15" to 25" (SMALL SIZE)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Requires absolutely no tools
  • Super easy & quick installation
  • Helps prevent small children from going out & intruders from coming in
  • Compression tested to 450 pounds of pressure
  • Swings down out of the way when not in use
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Customer Reviews

Simple added securityThe house I recently moved into has two sliding doors and they both had a piece of wood sitting in the bottom track for added security. I was tired of bending over to move it when I need to open the door or put it back, plus it was kind of tacky. I also installed a panel with doggy door in one, so now the space was reduced and only secured by a single pin. So, I have both sizes and I'm impressed with how well they have been holding up. One of them actually helps improve the seal on the door as you can twist it tighter. Now they both sit at mid level holding the doors tight and easily twist and drop out of the way without having to reach to the ground.I was skeptical on the adhesion only plastic, but they haven't shown any sign of coming loose, even on the one that I had to use the added spacers on due to the door being too narrow. I was confused on the spacers as the directions mention two different sizes, but only one size was included. Regardless, it still holds the bar fine.5Easy installation and usage; don't know if it has stopped any burglars We got these after a free home security review from our local police department. They recommended having a mid-height security bar on sliding glass doors. They didn't recommend specific products, but this is the product we decided to try out. We wound up getting four, because we have four sliding glass doors. (I guess we shouldn't throw stones, huh?)Installation was easy. I suggest having a level handy so you can make sure both end pieces are at matching heights. I didn't measure to put them in place, because I'd have had to measure the distance from the bottom of each end piece to the center point for the pipes to determine the proper height for each end. That's doable, but I found it easier to mount one end at an arbitrary height, and then use a level on the bar to figure out where the other end piece should go.The product shipped with shims for particular mounting situations, but I didn't need them. The mount point at each end was wide enough and flat, in my case.The instructions have you mount the bar so it swings down when unlocked instead of raising up. That makes sense to me. My previous house had a sliding glass door with a security bar that raised up. That was a problem one night, after everyone else was asleep, and I went into the back yard and slid the door shut behind me. The security bar dropped back into place - oops - and I was locked out. I'm now a fan of security bars that swing down instead of up, so the Wedgit scores points with me for that.The inner pipe has locking holes spaced 1" apart down most of its length. You make the fine adjustments - and also lock and unlock - by rotating the outer pipe on its threaded mount, to make the whole bar fit properly in the locked position. I've included a photo so you can see the threading. The holes don't go the whole length of the inner pipe, so you might need to take it out, turn it around, and re-insert it to get the right fit. This is very easy.I was a little leery of using the adhesive mount, but we've had them in place for a couple of months, and they've shown no signs of losing their grip.Rotating the outer pipe makes a noise, apparently by design. The ridged outer pipe rotates past a plastic piece that clicks as each ridge snaps past it. The good news is that you'll probably hear all that clacking every time someone locks or unlocks the bar. The bad news is that you'll probably hear all that clacking every time someone locks or unlocks the bar. (I'll leave it to you to decide whether this is good news or bad news.)Like most security bars, there's no normal way to lock it or unlock it from the outside. With the bar in place, you'd have to leave or enter your home by some other door.You can't use this bar to secure a door in a partially open position.Does the bar serve its purpose, either discouraging burglars from trying to break in, or stopping them if they try? I don't know. The roving packs of burglars who decided to skip our house didn't leave a note saying they were scared off by the bar, and those who tried and failed didn't leave a note complimenting our choice of security bars.In other words, nobody has tried to break in that I know of, so all I can say is that they offer us some peace of mind, because we've implemented one of the recommendations from the security review. They're untested as far as actually stopping someone from breaking and entering. 4He basically suggested the best thiing was a shortened pipe in the track to ...After looking at most of the bar locks on Amazon, we settled on this brand as one that would be simple to install and lock and perform well. We also wanted the ability to leave the door slightly open, but secure for ventilation. The Maxi version was too big for our small sliders, and the mini appeared to fit the space. We ordered three and when the arrived we dry fitted them to the doors, and were somewhat dismayed to see that even at full extension, they were just a little too short. We really didn't want to return them because they were the right solution, just a llittle short. We contacted the firm by email on Friday afternoon, explaining the situation and asking if they could sent us three 15" bars to be able to extend the bar sufficiently to lock it in place.On Saturday morning, we got a call from Tom Sullivan. President of the company, who happened to be in that day. We discussed what we wanted to do and he pointed out that while a longer bar would solve the lock issue, the ventilation solution we envisioned would not because of the way thsi bar works (it drops into a recieving cup on the door and is tightened against the door; but if the door is pulled closed the shortened bar will fall out fo the cup and the bar pivots down out of the way and the door is open). He basically suggested the best thiing was a shortened pipe in the track to block the door open for ventilation. We agreed but still wanted the Wedgit for locking the door closed because of it's simplicity and ease-of-use. He said he'd cut down three bars used in the Maxi version and sent them to us for cost and postage.Ten minutes after the call, we received an email from Mr. Sullivan indicating he had cut down the bars, packed them up and sent them USPS Priority Mail to arrive on Monday. They did and they worked exactly as expected, We let them know that we got the bars and the solutions worked, and asked where to send the agreed upon payment. We also told them that the company's customer service was probably the best we'd ever received, particularly because the problem we encountered was of our own making. When he was able to answer that email after 4 days, he waived the payment saying that 4 days to answer an email was too long and did not demonstrate the customer service he wanted to.The Mini and Maxi Wedgit's are good products made by a firm with integrity and honesty. Buy IT!5I wanted to like this device... But it was useless. I'm sorry, but this was a complete waste for us. We bought it to use with slider that has a dog door insert, but it was poorly made and not well conceived. The little cotter pin fell out constantly, the way of attaching it with tape and velcro seemed flimsy, and the device was just ugly. Plus all we had to do to get the door to open from the outside was rattle the slider a little, and the Wedgit would fall out of its cradle. Go to Home Depot and get an inexpensive dowel cut to the right size, then put it in the door tracks, and you'll be much better off and more secure. We got two dowels -- one to exact size for closing the door completely, and one a few inches shorter so we could leave with the door open a few inches in the summer for a bit of a breeze, and we're much happier. 1Small plastic piece broke-now totally unusable This bar was a bit of a hassle to install but it worked for a couple of months to secure a sliding glass door. It is now totally unusable. The problem is that the bar hangs off of a thin plastic rod. When the thin plastic rod breaks, the bar can't be used anymore. It can't be fixed once the plastic rod breaks and will have to be trashed. If anyone at the company is reading this, please feel free to contact me to suggest a fix (colemanmelissaqi@gmail.com). 1Perfect for Sliding Glass Doors with pet doorsI have the pet door for for sliding glass doors. The space was too small (less than 20") for all the sliding glass door bars. I ordered this one and it fit perfect. Easy to install and use. I pulled on my sliding glass door handle and the door did not budge. The instructions recommend 3M command type strips if you would like to mount it temporarily. I did use the 3M as I was unsure I would like the wedgit and I had read that the actual adhesive strip on it is very strong. The 3M command has held it in place perfectly for days. This might be a consideration if you live in a rental as you could easily remove the wedgit when you move and reuse it later. When opening your door, you do need to hold the inner bar in place after removing the pin and then replace the pin before you drop the bar or the inner bar will slide all the way out and hit the floor. You definitely could not do this one handed. I like this bar so much that I am ordering one for my daughters house.5UpdateI found this very difficult to twist to the correct size. I would not recommend it because of that. I already wrote a review, but it seems it was "lost."UPDATE:I really want to compliment this company and this product. The owner of the company read my review and went to his production line to see what was wrong. He found that the product was not being made to its specifications. He wrote me to apologize for the inconvenience, explained his actions in response to my review, and replaced it with the corrected model. He even went so far as to customize it for me because my pet door was oversized and I needed a mechanism a bit smaller than his mini.I am extremely impressed by the care this company has shown in making its products meet the needs of its clients. And extremely impressed by the care it has shown to me, personally.I wish them every success in the future.5Fits Perfect! So easy to install!We installed the patio dog door and realized our wooden stick doesn't stop you from opening the door with some force, so we searched the internet and found this. Amazon offered guaranteed 2 day shipping, ordered it Wednesday night 10PM, it arrived Friday morning at 10AM by USPS. Installed in a few steps: hold against the frames to make sure it's straight-peel/stick 3 times (we used the universal 1/2" shim on the sliding door since the cradle was a tad bit wide to fit into the frame), insert pin lock and twist to tighten. It was so easy we didn't even read the instructions. The hooking cradle that holds the bar is about 1.5" wide - I was a little worried about that but it fit perfectly into the frame.5Awesome for keeping windows closed I bought one of these a few months back and it worked so well, I decided to buy another this week. My dog knows how to open the window with his snout and he especially loves to open it when I have my A/C on, which is a pain. I bought this adjustable mini "door lock" for my window and it works perfectly. It's easy to put on and it doesn't require screws. It uses tape on both ends to keep it in place. It can also be easily undone with a couple of twists and sits on the window until you want to put it back up.5Added Level of Security at Low CostI ordered this item because I have a window in my basement that is very easily accessible. I live in a nice area but I do have some concerns about my safety so I ordered this item and installed it on my basement window. It was really easy to install and it definitely keeps the window from being pushed up. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an added level of security for their home. Obviously, if a "bad guy" really wanted to get in, he/she could just break the glass but if they are trying to be discreet and sneak in, this security bar is a great deterrent.5Great Product, Extraordinary Customer Service!I bought the mini because I have a pet door insert that shortens the width of my glass door. It initially worked fine, but then the adhesive shim came off, and I realized it was too wide for the door channel in which it had to fit. Tom, the company's owner, actually hand-cut me two custom shims and mailed them to me at his own expense, along with a new catch cup. The Wedgit Mini is working fine now, and will finally allow me to retire the length of PVC pipe I had been using at the very bottom of the door. The product itself is very clever and effective, and the customer service is extraordinary. Tom truly went above and beyond for me. If you order the Wedgit and have an issues with it, Accession Inc. (the name of the company) will do everything possible to make it right.5Almost perfect! 4.5 would of been my review!Update: when I was throwing the packing material out, the screws dropped out, so my vote is a strong 4.5!This is exactly what I wanted to secure my sliding glass door after we installed a pet door. The security feature that came with the pet door did not meet my needs as I would of been required to bed down to the floor channel & release a pin everytime I wanted to access the door. I wanted something that was easy to reach & release and/or set. The reason i did not give it 5 stars is because I wish there was some sort of "top" that had to be flipped to take the bar out of the holder - just something a little extra then the light pinch it has now. The 2nd reason is I wish it would of came with the 6 screws that attach it to the frame & door. We used some we had, but finding ones small & short enough was a challenge.4Good but comes with Cheap Parts that break..I too have a pet door. This works great and I particularly appreciate not having to bend down to remove a board in order to open my door. The device is sturdy PVC, however the lock catch cup that it slides into is not sturdy. Mine broke after 13 months and is only under warranty for 12 months. When I purchased a replacement part, I wanted to buy two of them and they wanted to charge me the shipping price twice. They say they don't charge for the part, just shipping, but since it is such a cheap part by virtue of how small and breakable it is, I believe you are paying for the part. They should just be honest.3
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