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Westinghouse Lighting 7702300 Fan-Light Switch & Pull Chain

  • Westinghouse Lighting 7702300 Fan-Light Switch & Pull Chain
  • Westinghouse Lighting 7702300 Fan-Light Switch & Pull Chain

Westinghouse Lighting 7702300 Fan-Light Switch & Pull Chain

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₪ 135.00 ₪ 224.00 You save: ₪ 89.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

Can't go wrongGood replacement for my Hunter ceiling fan light switch. The original switch had broke after only a couple months of minimal use. Was able to install in ten minutes. Cut the old switch off and wire this one up.The only two drawback that I see: Chain color. Knew this up front, but can shorten it and add the bronze color pull chain so the brass part is hidden in lamp area.The other drawback is that the thread where the chain comes out is plastic. The existing threaded adapter must be screwed onto it. The old switch was metal with a metal thread. It installed just fine, and seems solid enough. Time will tell. But for the price you can't go wrong. And the switch feels nicer to me than the original Hunter switch did before it broke.4Works good but chain is a bit short. Product functions like it should but for my fan light setup the chain was too short to fit through globe holder and hole was not large enough to put on an extension. Had to drill out threaded holder to make it work. 4Received a package with the correct tracking number However there was nothing in the package. The package had nothing in it not the switch or any form of documentsaying what was suppose to be in it. It was a Square flat bubble like package that had Prime printed on both sides. 1Failed After About Month I bought this switch to replace the old one that I installed over 8 years ago. It lasted just over one month, under normal use. Then I could not switch light easily, then it failed closed. Now I am forced to buy another switch, from another manufacture, and repair my ceiling fan again. Very disappointed 1Easy and inexpensive fixMy son broke the fan chain off inside his room's ceiling fan by playing Tarzan . I bought this after a long cooling off period on my part and wasn't disappointed. I made sure the electricity was off, set up a ladder, and unscrewed the three screws holding that part of the unit in place. Took about 10 to 15 minutes total to pull out the old one and put in the new one. It would have been faster with someone else holding the fan still, but that wasn't a big deal. It was worth the time and effort and saved a bundle over buying a new fan.5Does what it is supposed to. Overall I'm pleased with the light switch. My only complaint is that it doesn't feel like it will last terribly long. Feels very cheaply made. Will leave that verdict for the future though. 4Nice feel, nice click, just works The little things count.The chain pulled out of my old switch so I ordered this based on Amazon review popularity. There was a version of this at my local box store for about 1.50 but I'm willing to pay for quality.Seems just fine so far. It pulls nicely and clicks just right. The little things count. This is 3Amp according to the package and the size is standard as far as I can tell.5Bought this to replace a broken switch on the light ...Bought this to replace a broken switch on the light fixture in our closet. Replacement was a breeze - took all of 5 minutes start to finish. Reminder: when you're dealing with mains voltage, always kill the circuit you're working on - don't rely on the switch. If the neutral wire is the one that is switched, you can still have the hot side live at the fixture!5can't find it locallyif you have a 3 speed ceiling fan this is the one for you...you really don't need any tools to replace the switch...all you need is paper clip with one end folded out and you push it into the old switch to release the wire...make sure you write down what color wire goes to what letter on the switch...when you put the new switch in all you do is push the right wire into the hole and it will lock in place...I couldn't find it at any of the local hardware stores even the big box ones...since you have the fan apart you might as well replace the light switch...thats what we did because I didn't want to take the fan apart later...5It just works! I have a Hunter ceiling fan that I installed more than 3 years ago. My wife told me that the light pull stopped working and I thought we would need to buy a new fan.After doing some research online, I learned that the switch was most likely worn out (which is a common thing with Hunter fans per the online forum posts that I read). I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to make this purchase, because I was not sure if the switch was compatible with my fan, but apparently these things are pretty universal, because after turning off the power to the ceiling fan at the circuit box (very important), removing the light fixture from the fan, taking the old one out and putting this one in, I was back in business with a working ceiling fan light in about 45 minutes - 15 of which was spent looking for the right tools for the job.This product was money very well spent and it is working exactly as designed. 5No wire nuts includedI used this to replace a fan light switch my mother in law claims I broke (but I think I just got to be the lucky one.).Anyway, the wires are long enough, but the wire that's stripped of insulation should be about twice as long as it is.All the other fan switches I've installed have come with wire nuts, some with a selection, but this had none. I was an hour away from my collection, and it wasn't worth driving to the HW store, so I twisted the wires together, then wrapped the splice with black tape.4little things big brandswhenever I have to buy small, seemingly simple contraptions, I always go with the big brands like westingtonhouse. Rather tan saving 25 cents on a cheaper Chinese version, I would rather have a piece of mind that this little fella will work from the box and will last as long as possible.5Works great - some assembly requiredWhen the light switch on my 14-year old ceiling fan broke I ran a quick internet search, and was happy to find a replacement switch available at such a good price ($3.69 plus shipping for a total of $5.30).I just finished installing the switch, and it works! The entire process probably took 45 minutes, including:* Hunting down the tools (wire cutter, wire stripper, screwdriver, wire nuts)* Turning off the power for that room* Disassembling the unit* Checking a couple of videos on YouTube, just to be sure I really did need to cut and strip those wires* Actual replacement of the switch(less than 5 minutes)* Quick test to be sure it worked* Reassembling the *@&%)$@?! unit. How the heck do they fit all those wires in that tiny space?If I had to do it over again it would go a lot faster, now that I know what I'm doing. I am pleased as punch that I was able to do this whole process by myself, for $5.30 plus about 45 minutes time, when I'm sure my electrician would have charged $60 just to walk in the door.I'm giving this product 5 stars because I am so happy with the convenience and low cost. HOWEVER, it would be nice if the package included a few more specifics on the tools needed to complete the task, and possibly the kit could include a couple of wire nuts (I had some from a previous project, so not a problem for me). Nicest of all would be a web address for a video explaining how to do the job. The YouTube videos I looked up were just what I needed to be sure I was doing the right thing.5Quick and easy swap.Glad I found this! I was frustrated I couldn't turn the lights off and enjoy just the fan, so I was looking to buy a new fixture. A friend suggested I just change out the switch, which I did, and that was all that was needed! 3 screws allowed access to the switch, quick swap, and screw back together, and we were in business. Thank you!5Great replacement!This was just what I was looking for!My parents have an older ceiling fan, and the original pull switch for the lights stopped working.They really like their old fan, and didn t want a new one. They went shopping to find a new one, but didn t find one they liked.They told me after they went shopping, and told me the story. I asked if the switch clicked when pulled? They said no. I recommendgetting a new switch, and I found this. Works great! I removed the light kit from the fan, so I could work on it. Kinda tricky to get it out on their light kit, I m handy so I got it up and running in no time. Works like new again, and they were very pleased.5
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