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White Sage Smudge Spray: Lavender and Sage Smudging Spray with Quartz Crystals - Reiki Charged 4 oz

  • White Sage Smudge Spray: Lavender and Sage Smudging Spray with Quartz Crystals - Reiki Charged 4 oz
  • White Sage Smudge Spray: Lavender and Sage Smudging Spray with Quartz Crystals - Reiki Charged 4 oz

White Sage Smudge Spray: Lavender and Sage Smudging Spray with Quartz Crystals - Reiki Charged 4 oz

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 10 Days Return

  • Smokeless Alternative to Burning Sage
  • White Sage Spray Clears Negativity from any Space - Large or Small
  • Reiki-charged Room & Body Spray
  • Infused with Reiki-charged Quartz Crystals
  • Cleanses and Purifies Negative Energy
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Customer Reviews

I really love this sprayI really love this spray, especially since I don't like burning sage (the smoke bothers me). And I love that it has reiki-charged crystals in it. It smells great too!5Wish the smell lasted longerThis smells AMAZING!! I felt really calm and relaxed everytime I sprayed it. My only wish is that after spraying it lasts longer, I found myself with this bottle in hand several times a day to keep the nice aroma flowing. My children enjoyed whenever I sprayed it. I received several compliments as well from hospital staff during my 3 day stay after giving birth on how good my room smelled. Shipping was fast, packaging was decent. I don't recall getting any sweet messages as other reviews mentioned, I loved the bottle and the crystals inside. I'm all empty and doubt this will be on my to haves list because of price and smell doesn't last to my liking so don't be discouraged to buy this is only my experience with this product. Peace, love & light to all!3Needed energy cleansing in my officeI have been smudging with sage in my home for a few months with extraordinary results. I am fortunate to be mostly surrounded by wonderful people, however, I have a very toxic co-worker whose negativity is overwhelming. Since I couldn't exactly burn sage in my office, I looked into smudge sprays as an alternative and this one had rave reviews. I have my own private office and I followed the instructions and sprayed in all four corners of the room, while making my intention of clearing and protecting this space from negative energies. Strangely enough, my toxic co-worker seemed more attracted to coming to talk to me than ever! I was so disappointed. But after each encounter, I would spray my office and make the same intention. It has a lovely, soft and soothing scent. Perhaps it relaxes me or perhaps just the ritual of spraying makes me feel like I am proactively clearing negative energy away and puts me in a good mindset.I am giving it four stars because my co-worker continues to come and vent and is toxic as ever. But I would definitely buy it again because I love the scent and like to have something on hand to clear spaces where burning sage would be difficult. If you want powerful results, I highly recommend you try traditional smudging.4Strange and evil things start to happen soon as I sprayed!!!The day I received the sage spray in the mail I sprayed my house and a female that I helped in the past and was helping throughout the years was acting very agitated any way to get a long story short she turned into a person from hell she did all kind of things trying to turn family and friends against me. SOON AS I spray that around her she just went crazy is like SHE CAN'T STAND ME TO THE POINT WHERE SHE CANT GET ME OFF HER MIND EVERYONE IN TOWN TELLS ME HOW SHE TALKS ABOUT ME SEEM LIKE ALL DAY SHE EVEN TRY TO MAKE A FALSE REPORT ABOUT ME TO THE POLICE I SAY USE AT YOUR OWN RISK1Haters Gon HateIt became strikingly clear to me that someone had given me the "Mal Ojo". How else do you explain my brand new car becoming a victim of a projectile Christmas tree falling out of a truck bed at an average drive speed of 80 in the middle of a South Texas February? That redneck was on my own list of to-do curses but then...then...I will spare you the details of my sordid month in Hell. But in short...haters gone hate and I'd do anything to eradicate negative energies/intentions. Yes, I sprayed my office, my car...my body with this product. The scent is beautiful. Did it do the job? Well, surprisingly I'm still alive to tell the tale and since I received it and bathed in it my life has gotten better. I thank you for a great product.5BUY THIS SPRAY ITS THE BEST EVER...This WORKS Especially SpirituallyI ordered this spray from reading the reviews and wanted to take a chance with it. Boy I'm glad I bought this spray smells really "GOOD" and IT WORKS. I sprayed it on myself face and back while praying and things started lifting off of me feel free n elated in high spirits. I had been in deep depression for years in this apt left negativity atmosphere. So I walked through my apt and sprayed each room the corners including the bed while praying and seems like a positive energy immediately filled these rooms like a touch of heaven. The whole apt smells good and positive feels beautiful, free with peaceful atmosphere to wanna pray even more. Cleared any and all negativity can pray in free spirit now. Gonna buy 3 more bottles.5I am so happy to receive my White Sage Smudge SprayI am so happy to receive my White Sage Smudge Spray! Lavender & Sage Smudging Spray! I am Psychic/Medium/Empath! This works very well to clear away negatives, without anybody knowing you are using it! You may use it at home, a business, near pet's. Not on pet's though. This spray will bring peace and a calmness. Some are allergic to the Smudge and this is a better choice to use! God bless. Love, Light and Happiness!5Works great at workThe smell is so soothing and refreshing at the same time. I keep it in my office and gently spray when tensions rise with coworkers. I don't tell anyone that it is a smudge spray because not everyone understands. It smells nice enough that coworkers don't mind when I spray it. It does seem to calm the moods and leave a freshness energy-wise... kind of like opening the windows on a spring day. It's a little pricey, but I really do like it... and need it at work. LOL! I paid full price for this item and did NOT receive a discount for this review.5A great cleanser for the auraAs a psychic/medium I consider this sage spray a must have. A great cleanser for the aura.5Anxiety reducingThis spray is freaking amazing. I bought this to cleanse hotel rooms for when I'm out of town. When I got to the room and immediately after that first spray I was immediately put at ease. It has also been handy when my 8 year old daughter is scared out of her wits at bedtime. I grab it and she sprays it all around her room. And has told me she falls asleep the first time she starts trying to fall asleep. And it helps her in the middle of the day when she starts over thinking things and gets anxiety. I will definitely purchase again when we are starting to fun low on spray. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product with so much healing packed into it!!!5
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