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Winco Acero cutlery

  • Winco Acero cutlery

Winco Acero cutlery

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fully forged-X50 Cr Mo V15 German Steel-offers exceptional durability
  • Unique POM injection molded handle which help to achieve a balanced weight distribution
  • 6-spot advanced polishing for a more comfortable grip
  • Rapid sharpening-easy edge maintenance
  • Dishwasher safe
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Customer Reviews

Kind of stunning for what you get for the money, but...Really tough to not give this 5 stars just for the hunk of steel itself, especially when compared with competitors' pricing, but if you don't actually want to use the knife as a go-to, 3 stars seems more appropriate. First impressions were that the heft is great, the handle is good (but not finished that well), and the steel seems to be top notch. The edge grind seems to be a little off, but I decided to try it as-is, just to keep an open mind. Was never really that sharp, however, and all attempts to sharpen (even professionally once), resulted in a decent, but not sustainable edge. For $20, that would've been fine. But the deal breaker I have with this knife is the shape it just doesn't work for me. It's (obviously) a long blade, but it's not wide enough for the way the edge/heel have been designed. There's almost no 'flat' section in the heel meaning that only a small section of the blade is touching the board at any one time and there's not enough curve to the rest of the edge to facilitate any rocking motion. It doesn't feel like a chef's knife, more like a slicing knife, which makes it much less useful to me. YMMV.3Exceptional value.For its price, this is an exceptional knife. It offers very good value. It comes with a good edge on it, but takes a better edge if you hone it a bit. It is a nice weight, is forged rather than stamped steel, and has a comfortable handle.The thickness of the blade is the only real downside, and that isn't an objective fault - some might prefer the wider blade for some reasons. But know when you order that, at the spine the blade measures about 1/8th of an inch (~3mm).The above applies to the 10" knife.5Great ValuePros: The materials, and blade profile are similar to much more expensive ($90+) knives.Cons: The fit and finish is (expectedly) worse than a high cost knife. The grind is imperfect and there are (mildly) rough edges.Other thoughts: My main chef knife is a 10" Shun Classic, and I wanted to replace a my (beater) spare and decided on this. I couldn't be happier, this has far exceeded my expectations.The extreme value of this knife is unquestionable. Will recommend this line to anyone I know looking for inexpensive cutlery.5Decent quality, good value, functional for the money, though not as "refined" as a higher quality/priced knife.Good quality, good value. I got this for my mom, who has smaller hands, but I ended up spending some time with it, personally it's a bit small for what I'm used to, but I won't take off stars for that, since it's a preference. Overall, it's well constructed, full tang, decent steel(holds an edge well, doesn't rust too easily, though take caution-it is carbon steel, so make sure you towel dry after use!), and has good weight.If I was to complain a little, the blade could go back a little farther, the guard is a little thick. It's well constructed, but definitely not as refined or smoothed out as a higher priced knife... but again, that's why it's cheap and why I say it's still a good value, the functionality is still there.5This knife rocks Heavy weight, well made, sharp as hell. I also love the size of this knife. It's big enough to go to work on a hunk of animal carcass or do a fine dice on a clove of garlic. It compares very, very well to a smaller Henkel knife I have. This immediately became my go to knife in the kitchen. Get this thing now!!!!! 5Simplistic functional beautyAfter a lot of deliberation and market research, considering I did not want to spend a small fortune on a kitchen knife, I bought this brilliant piece. Three factors always define well built product1. Form- This is beautiful. The handle is made with sturdy plastic. The product is on the heavier side. Though I found the weight extremely manageable and helpful, my wife struggles with it proclaiming its ungainly.2. Function- Came in a bit dull. I like my knife very sharp. I thankfully had a sharpener handy and was able to get knife sharpened to my liking.3. Price- Everyone loves a good bargain. Everyone wants that one piece which looks a million dollars but cost a button and a half. This IS that product. Okay granted that its not a prettiest girl on the block, but its a simplistic functional beauty. And I paid $10 for it when it went on sale on Amazon! $10!! A total steal at all price points below $254This knife feels better than expectedThis knife feels better than expected. I'm not exactly sure what the handle is made of but it looks similar to wood and feels good in the hand, don't really know how to describe it. As for the knife itself, the steel is holding an edge decently and performance is fine. While not as sharp and clean slicing as some of our other "higher-end" knives, this will serve well as a beater knife and feels excellent in the hand.5Are you a chef? Do you *love* to cook ...Are you a chef? Do you *love* to cook (whether pro or for your own spiritual reasons). Okay, you have met (and adore) Solingen, Trident, Messermeister and W sthof knives. Of course. But... you just don't have that kind of money. I am telling you, right now? That these Winco 8 inch and 10 inch knives are about 90% of the way to those same knives, at about 15% (or less) of the cost of those.My 8 inch Winco knife was $20 on Amazon, with FREE shipping. My 10 inch Winco knife was two dollars LESS. These are OUTSTANDING knives, at ANY price. Is fit and finish the "same" as a $120 - $200 Solingen, Trident, Messermeister, or W sthof knife?No.How is the knife? It is a world-class knife. Period. The blade, the balance, the handle? All-pro.If you buy some cheezey OTHER knife (that isn't a Solingen, Trident, Messermeister, or W sthof) you will be sorry.I give these knives about 28 stars, for their VALUE.Plus Plus? No risk, when using Amazon.5I could not be happier with this knifeBought from a certain large, online auction site rather than Amazon, but same exact product.Wow, I could not be happier with this knife. As a working chef who cooks at home too I wanted a smaller chef's knife to go along with the 8" and 10" knives I use every day. Honestly, my impetus for this was seeing big-name TV chefs like Jacques Pepin frequently using smaller knives than many of us use most of the time.I own and have used knives made by many of the higher-end companies, such as Henckels, Wusthoff, Calphalon, various professional/commercial brands, etc., and this Winco is darn near as good as any of them, and better than many. There are two things that set it apart from its closest competitors: Winco uses no cheeky gimmicks (no odd styling cues that impact functionality, no weird handles, nothing that is an ill-fated attempt to be "innovative"), and the price, which is truly incredible. This is a high-quality knife that utilizes a good grade of steel that can be sharpened to a razor-like edge and also retain that level of sharpness. The handle is simple and comfortable. The factory grind and polish are not on the level of a $200 Wusthoff or artisan brand knife, but for something in the sub-$20 range, or even the $50 range, you will not beat it.A 6" knife is perfectly sized for most home cooking, and is also less intimidating to people (like my mom) who are not used to using larger knives. As such, this is the perfect general purpose kitchen knife for most people. And based on the quality and pricing of this one I'll definitely be looking to WInco in the future when I need to buy other knives and already have recommended them to professional cooks. Sometimes shopping around and ignoring brand names pays off, and this is one such case.5Good balance, heavy, and sharpThis is a great knife. It has a heavy 10" blade, 0.083" thick, with negligible flexing for excellent control. Even with the heavy blade It still balances at the guard. The handle is comfortable and nicely finished. The overall finish, while not like a $169 knife, is spectacular for a $20 knife. The blade arrived very sharp. I mainly bought this for slicing up large watermelons that are too big for an 8" knife. The heavy, stiff, sharp blade made this unexpectedly easy.5Great kitchen knife.A good value for money knife. Although made in China, it is a forged knife with German steel. Weighing 199 grams it feels good for both grip and balance. Not sharp enough on receiving but after going through 3 grades of wet stones and final strobing with leather strob, it was ready to use. Definitely a good buy for the price and it provides a better balance as compared to stamped knifes. The handle looks good like black ebony wood with 3 oversized rivet covering the full tang handle. The steel itself is matt finished which is what I prefer than glossy finish. 6 inches blade length is in my opinion very comfortable in handling for home cooking.5
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