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Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel

  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel
  • Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel

Yale Assure Lock with Z-Wave - Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt - Works with Ring Alarm, Samsung SmartThings, Wink and More (Hub required, sold separately) - Satin Nickel

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Unlock your door without keys by entering your code on the lock's backlit keypad; Lock the door behind you by pressing any button or by enabling auto relock
  • Lock and unlock your door from anywhere by adding the lock to a compatible Z-Wave smart home or alarm system and app (i.e. Samsung SmartThings, Ring Alarm, Wink, etc.). Requires compatible hub sold separately and app - no Yale app is used for this lock
  • Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes on standard doors, 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" thick with just a screwdriver. No additional holes needed. Mounting hardware and batteries included
  • Comes with two physical keys for added peace of mind
  • Works with Alexa via a compatible hub. Features may vary based on Z-Wave controller. Requires compatible system for smart features
  • Backed by Yale, the world's favorite lock brand since 1840 with a lifetime limited on finish and mechanical hardware
  • Don't worry about getting locked out with dead batteries, the lock comes with 2 physical keys for back-up and will alert you when batteries are getting low
  • Features a BHMA Grade 2 certified deadbolt that's fully motorized and super quiet
  • Don't worry about marking your door, the lock has a rubber gasket to protect your door's finish
  • Enable Auto Relock to ensure your door always locks behind you - Disable it at any time from the lock menu
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Customer Reviews

Worth what you invest to purchase it.I got this for a number of reasons:1) I'm trying to convert into a smart house (have this and an ecobee thermostat, lights are next on the list).2) One of my roommates loses their keys constantly, so having a keyless entry was beneficial3) We've been doing work on the house including getting central a/c and having the windows replaced, so having a way for contractors to access the house is greatI got this with a keyed entry in addition to the number pad, in case of electrical failure. However, other than testing the keys, we've yet to use them, and I installed this about six months ago. So far, the batteries have not died, and there's been no other electrical failure (knock on wood). I've read a few reviews saying that the key pad wasn't responsive, but neither I nor my roommates have had any problems with that, though it did take a few days to figure out what they meant by "back of the hand to activate" was actually "back of the fingers". We got the hang of it in less than a week, so I'm not sure what else to suggest to people having problems.The nickle finish is smooth and sleek looking. It's quite pretty, and matches a lot of the brushed nickle objects I have in the house.The only hiccup I had was getting it on the wifi, but after I plugged my smartthings hub in closer to the lock, I was able to connect it with no problems, and it stayed connected even after I moved the hub back to its normal location.I especially like that I can lock or unlock from my phone, so that when I come home with a lot of groceries, I don't have to worry about fumbling for keys or stopping to put in a code. I can just unlock it from my car before I even start picking up my grocery bags.This lock was an investment because of the price, but I'd definitely say a good one.Note: I had a pretty smooth installation, so I can't say whether support is good or not for those who have problems. Hopefully, everyone else purchasing this product has as easy an install as I did.5Love it and works with Scout alarmVery easy to install it literally only takes 15 minutes. The programming is easy and intuitive. I had the pleasure of installing one for a friend first so i understood the Z-wave setup. I have a Scout alarm system that has a hub so I did not need the smart-things hub. I have it linked to my alarm so I can now see status, open/close, on the alarm app and also from Alexa. The function besides the key-less entry that sold me was the timed lock function, you unlock come in house close door and forget to lock, the lock you can be programmed to lock in 4 different duration's 30 sec, 60 secs, 2 min, 3 min. No more forgetting to lock door at night. I Love it and highly recommend.5Need to change battery monthly and out of power without notification.The lock consumes battery really fast, need to replace batter monthly. And it didn't give any notification until it's out of power and unable to open the door.1Alexa, Unlock Front Door!I purchased the used Yale Assure Lock SL model YRD256ZW20BP for $186.99 and honestly could not see anything wrong with it. But the primary reason I purchased this was to be able to "Lock and unlock, manage pin codes and receive notifications from anywhere with most Z-Wave smart home systems including Samsung SmartThings and wink" according to the product page you're looking at (2nd bullet point). Yeah it connected to my Smartthings hub but I am NOT able to manage pin codes in the Smartthings app. You're stuck with Lock & Unlock button on the app and unfortunately managing pin codes at the key pad on your door. I'm not happpy about this but I'll keep the lock only because of the thin touch screen keypad. Maybe Yale will have App support soon on this model.The other problem I encountered was during installation. The Interior Escutcheon motor was set up for a deadbolt to the right of it (as shown in product pics here) but my front door's deadbolt is to the left of the interior escutcheon so the motor would turn the deadbolt the opposite direction and error out after two attempts, ugh!! It drove me crazy for about an hour because I thought I got a defective unit. I called Yale and was on hold forever so I searched Google on how to reverse the motor to make it open and close the deadbolt to the left which is how my front door is set up.Yale's website is no help at all about reversing the motor and I didn't find anything here either in any of the reviews or comments. Found out you have to Reset the Lock to Factory Default by pressing the reset button of the interior escutcheon while reinstalling the AA batteries then releasing the reset button and voila! Motor is reversed!! Then you have to go through the master code set up again and user pin codes. What a pain!Once I got it all set up it works great. I love the auto lock feature and I can see lock/unlock status on my Smartthings and Alexa App. I was also able to set up voice commands to lock and unlock the deadbolt but the unlock command will require you to set up a unique pin code in the Alexa App.BTW, if you're looking to get a matching handleset for this lock, there is a coupon in the package for 20% off at Yale2You . com and it's $60 bucks with shipping (i.e. Yale's "Jamestown Handleset w/Lever"). But I already purchased a handleset here at amazon, Berlin Modisch Single Cylinder Handleset Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish for $59.99 (link: amzn.to/2PIpapq). It's a little bit glossier and shows more brass than Yale's finish if you're really picky but my wife and I are satisfied so we're good.I would have given this 5 stars but due to insufficient instructions or video support from Yale and the lack of app support for managing pin codes which I think is the reason most people would buy this is disappointing. If it were not for the cool touch screen keypad I would have boxed this up and returned it.3The best digital door lock on the market IMHO I purchased this digital door lock because it was the only one on the market that has all the following:1) Has a key backup (electronics can fail and being the only entrance to my condo I couldn't afford to risk not being able to get in. If you have a house with an alternate door you could risk going completely keyless)2) Automatic lock and un-lock functionality based on my phone presence (This lock excels at this. Just need Bluetooth turned on, which it is for my car anyway. Don't need the application opened up. I just close the door and it auto locks and when I arrive home the door auto unlocks as I just get near it. No need to pull my phone out of my pocket or worry about having the application running. It's really that easy)3) Wi-Fi connectivity (allows me to be notified of anyone entering or exiting my condo as I've given access to neighbors for use in case of emergency. I can also let a repairman in when they call just by clicking a button in the application in my phone)4) Keypad for people to enter code to enter (either permanent or temporarily)5) Not too obnoxious looking for a dual electronic/key lock. Others are too industrial or just plain ugly.I see others have stated things along the lines of it doesn't work or its broken. I had one problem that was self-inflicted. After installation things didn't seem to work consistently. While I could lock the door with a key, the auto lock and un-lock were unrealiable. I also noticed that the privacy button wouldn't work. After investigating I realized the deadbolt couldn't extend fully as the existing opening in the door jam was about 1/8 inch too shallow to allow such. As soon as I chisled it out everything worked perfectly. This is one area that Yale could have improved the troubleshooting on. While it loves to talk and tell you what it's status is (I turned this off in the advanced settings as it is annoying after the first time), it won't tell you anything is wrong, it just doesn't work reliably.The only other item that may turn people off is that you have a 'jumper' plugged into an electrical wall outlet to manage the lock via Wi-Fi/Internet. But this is common across the industry as Bluetooth is energy efficient and Wi-Fi is not. Just imagine either running electricity to your door or replacing the batteries every day. No thanks, a small jumper device is the best solution for the time being.I've been using this for 3 months now and couldn't be happier. Haven't had replaced the batteries yet. I'd definitely purchase again. Not that the key that comes with it is a Kwikset (KW1) and can easily be changed by your local locksmith. 5If you're not 100% ready to ditch the keys, this is the lock to get!!! The reason why I purchased this particular lock was because it has a keyway. If for some reason the battery dies or if there is a mechanical failure, I can simply use the provided keys. The keypad is very responsive contrary to other reviewers. I use the back of my hands to wake the keypad up and type in my pin code and it quickly unlocks. To lock, just tap the keypad. I paired this lock with a Yale door lever in polished brass which compliments my lock. All in all, I am satisfied with this product! 4Very pleasedSo far, it was all I expected and more. The lock paired easily with my ST hub and I am using it with the Enhanced Auto Door Lock app and the Smart Locks one. It opens and closes very smoothly. It is well made. The only thing I did not like but I fixed right away - it locks itself if you press any button on the exterior side. This can be a problem if you have a door closer - the door can be slammed with the latch extracted. I disabled this right away. The battery indicator still shows 100% after two weeks of use.I programmed it to auto lock after a short delay with the Enhanced Auto Door Lock app. I had to delete a few lines of code there not to allow the app to send an unlock command. It works perfectly now.More than a year later - it still works as it should. The batteries lasted for about a year with light use. The lock survived the humid Florida weather without problems. It is not exposed to direct sun or rain but it can get wet when it is windy.If you see the battery indicator showing 20%, replace the batteries.5Per Yale customer support, the lock mechanism is prone to seizing/jammingI installed this lock in January and initially had little to no problems. This week the lock jammed after leaving the house and would not unlock upon return. When entering my code it would flash the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 (which makes a sort of an 'X' shape on the keypad). Scouring through their support provides no information nor could I find any documentation about this error code. I did see one lone review website that mentioned the exact same issue but that was it. I discovered the ONLY fix is to manually turn the lock multiple times from the inside to free the jammed mechanism.After speaking to both Yale customer support (note: they are only open during business hours M-F and half day on Saturdays so if you have a problem on the weekend you could be out of luck), they casually mentioned this model had more issues than most regarding seizing. Because the lock is now working normally they would not provide assistance or a replacement. ...or seem to really care.Since I live in a townhome with only a front door (utilizing this lock) and a sliding back door, I was locked out of my house for hours late at night and ended up having to break in. Calling a locksmith was of no use as their only recourse was to destroy the lock with a drill. I mention this as a warning for others with a similar setup - if you get this key-less lock make sure you have backup access to your house as this model is not dependable.1Not a bad productI was a little disappointed to find out a couple of things.1) I needed to purchase a smart home hub in order for this to communicate with Alexa and my wifi.2) It does not automatically lock when I close the door like my Samsung did. I guess I just assumed it would because why wouldn't it, especially for this price.Overall it works well and, unlike the Samsung lock I had, it has a key that I can use if the lock fails.We were recently out of town (to the tune of a fourteen hour drive) when our Samsung lock failed and had to come all the way back and break into our own home so we could rescue the dog because the dog watcher couldn't get in the house. So I bought this to replace it and have been satisfied for the most part. The best part is that it has the key for backup.4Fast, Easy Setup and Works well with Alexa and SmartThings Installation took less than 15 mins, another 5 mins to connect to my Z-Wave hub (used Smartthings, which I had set up the day prior and connected it to Alexa ahead of time). Then another 5 mins to setup my family codes and settings. This is Super easy, anyone can install this. So in 25 mins I can now say "Alexa, lock my door"! Was very impressed with the simplicity of the design, the clear instructions, and the quality of the materials. It looks great too. Setting up codes and settings is easy thanks to a printed menu you get, plus the thing speaks to you!One thing I was caught off guard by was learning that you cannot UNlock your door with Alexa. Thinking about it, that makes sense, but I feel these huge banner ads "Works with Alexa!" should have a disclaimer on it. You really just need the voice feature to LOCK the door, and to check if it is locked, which this does perfectly. ME "Hey Alexa, is my front door locked?", ALEXA "Let me check if your front door is locked... Yes your front door is locked"And last, the Alexa-Smartthings 'dance' is funky and hard to follow. You jump around back and forth between the 2 apps trying to understand who is doing what, and most of that is Alexa's fault. I have it working, but could not tell you exactly how I did it! 5Good Design, Even Better Functionality I have been searching for a better deadbolt for sometime. My four criteria were it had to have a key backup, no internet connectivity, it had to look good, and most importantly it had to be secure. This Yale Assure Lock met those criteria and had been great!INSTALLATIONI was replacing an existing deadbolt so the installation was easy, as I didn't have to drill any new holes. It is a little more complex to put together than your non-electronic lock. But the directions were helpful and I had it up and running in under 30 minutes. If you've installed a deadbolt before this should be no problem. Overall, easy to install.Once the hardware is installed you have to set up your passcode. The directions walk you through setting up a master code and then if you want addition codes you can set those up for guests, families, dog walkers, or whoever else might need occasional access to your house... Just as the hardware this process was pretty simple and straightforward.FUNCTIONTo lock from the touchscreen you simply put your hand over the screen and it will lock the door. To unlock you do the same and then punch in your code. So far I've had zero issues, it has worked flawlessly every single time. As mentioned above I did not get the lock with the integrated smart features. So I cannot speak to those. I wanted mine local only.SECURITYI have a locksmith friend who I asked what the best lock was, Yale was at the top of his list for consumer locks. Not easy to pick and rarely malfunctions. Of course if someone really wants in my house all they have to do is break a window. But this lock provides the security you need to thwart off most intruders.DESIGNI love the way it looks. It feels solid and well made.Overall, I highly recommend this lock! It makes getting into my house much easier! If you are looking for a touchscreen deadbolt look no further! 5Updated ReviewMy original 3 star review was written more than a year ago. I would like to thank the 2 people who wrote to tell me there was a way to manage users by following some online instructions. I am also sure there have also been improvements to the Z-Wave protocols, but I opted to sell the Z-Wave module and hub, and purchased the "Connected By August" Module which met all expectations. This module is standalone and does not require a hub. I can create owner and guest lists, lock and unlock the door remotely, see a log of activity, and set timing for re locking the door automatically. I am changing my rating to 5 stars using the "Connect By August' module.I love this lock. It's very well made and is conceptually the best suited for my needs. I think it is by far the best looking of all the smart locks I looked at, and I looked almost all of them. If you read the professional reviews you will see everyone raves about the August Smart Lock. This is a good product but you need to have your cell phone with you or use a key. With the Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus you need only enter a code or use your cellphone for access. So Why only 3 stars you might ask. Well, I bought the Z-Wave version so that I could Lock and unlock remotely, manage security codes, and monitor access. I purchased a Samsung Smartthings Hub (another $69) and was able to connect my new lock and this is where I feel the lock falls short of expectations. Since Yale does not have an app that works with this lock, you are stuck with the functionality of the Z- Wave hub. In the case of Smartthings, you are stuck with lock and unlock functions and a report of battery status. Manually adding user codes and changing options via the keypad is an arduous endeavor that involves following a decision tree and avoiding timeouts. These functions should be handled by an Android or Apple APP, I mean, isn't that what you paid for with the optional Z-Wave Module. I'm very confused as to why Yale would make such a great lock, charge a premium for Z-Wave functionality, and not have a working app to take advantage of it.s potential.5Good and nice looking lockThe lock is compact, looks nice and works reliably from either the keypad or via the Samsung Smartthings app. Adding it to the hub (version #3) was easy.My door is in the sun several hour every day. This lock replaced a Kwick lock that had cracking touchscreen due to the sun light (kwick has sent replacement which cracked again, quite fast). Hopefully it is more sturdy that the other brand.One safety observation: it does not start with random numbers of other obscuring of the most used touchscreen digits. So over time, it becomes easy to see (maybe with some help of additional light from your phone) which digits are used and which are not.4Must have for all Airbnb hosts! This product has saved me so much time and hassle. I purchased this for our Airbnb in our in-law suite. But I m considering purchasing one for my own front door. Originally, I purchased the Alexa/Xfinity version first, but returned it quickly after I realized the smart function did very little besides locking and unlocking on voice command.I paid the premium for the August version and it s a game changer. It was easy to install the hardware. And the software is incredibly intuitive. The Airbnb integration is incredibly streamlined and efficient. Once linked to my Airbnb account, it automatically creates temporary pin codes for the specific days the guests booked for. On the day they leave, the pin no longer works. No need to worry about keys. Or lockboxes where the code never changes. And it does everything for you! Emails the guest as soon as they book with their code and instructions! If a guest changes their dates, it updates automatically. The ONE improvement I would make to the app is to automatically delete the code after the guest s last day, but a very minor criticism. One added bonus is we get notifications when the guests come and go!This truly is a must have for all Airbnb hosts!! And for anyone that has cleaners, dog walkers, handy men and others coming and going from their home. 5My favorite part is linking this into the Smartthings hub so ...I replaced my regular bolt with this and linked it to my Ecobee 4 thermostat w/ built in Alexa and Samsung Smartthings hub..very simple to install and as long as you follow the simple instructions and make the bolt hole big enough for it to open and close smoothly in low power mode the batteries last forever; My favorite part is linking this into the Smartthings hub so the door will lock when I leave WiFi range and Unlock when I'm walking up to the door; I rarely even touch the keypad5
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