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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar 25 oz. / 0.75 Liter, Shiny Pink

  • Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar 25 oz. / 0.75 Liter, Shiny Pink
  • Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar 25 oz. / 0.75 Liter, Shiny Pink
  • Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar 25 oz. / 0.75 Liter, Shiny Pink
  • Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar 25 oz. / 0.75 Liter, Shiny Pink

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar 25 oz. / 0.75 Liter, Shiny Pink

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Vacuum insulated stainless steel food jar keeps foods hot or cold for hours
  • Durable and sanitary 18/8 stainless steel construction
  • Tight-fitted lid with gasket seals lid to minimize leaks and maximize heat retention
  • 2-1/2-inch wide opening makes it easy to fill and clean and allows users to eat directly out of the jar
  • Compact design takes minimal space while maximizing capacity
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Customer Reviews

but it can cook food like soup and porridge After I check the reviews, I found that most people do not know the real function of this product. This food jar not only can keep food warm or cold, but it can cook food like soup and porridge. Put the rice and vegetable and all you want to cook into the jar and pour into boiling water and then, waiting few hours, you can enjoy your soup! But the most important thing is that you must pre-heat your jar about 3 minutes with boiling water before you use it. believe me pre-heat is the key point to make it work. And the principle of this function is that this jar can keep food in near 100 centigrades water several hours. Personally I prefer to do all the work at evening and on the next morning I can have my porridge. It's very convenient. 5It looks really beautiful and cute It looks really beautiful and cute. However, after about one year, I started to see some yellowish-brown rust inside the jar, exactly around the bottom line. I never put anything corrosive in it, such as lemonade. I don't know how comes the rust and what to do about it. Later the rust became larger and longer, and I have to stop using it. Pity. I have a high expectation of Zojirushi's quality, and I bought several other Zojirushi products. Only this food jar turned out to be a great disappointment. 2Definitely NOT for older people! I never even got a chance to use it - just taking it apart to clean it was nearly impossible and then just TRY to get it put back together correctly! I couldn't get my fingers to pull the valve packing thing out at all, I tried everything. It said to be careful not to scratch with your fingernails but the only way I could get the gasket back on was using my fingernails. The whole thing is just way too complicated for me, I'm returning it. For arthritic older hands, it just isn't worth it. 1Very small It's so small. I'm never very good at looking at dimensions online and just figure out how big they actually are. I posted some pictures of the size so that other people with same problem as me can check it out. The pyrex glass jar shows how much water this cup holds.But other than that, this cup is so good! It kept my oatmeal so hot until lunch time that it burnt my mouth.However, I would recommend checking out this blue one by the same brand. This one is 29.95, the blue one is 33.40. And this one holds 1 1/2 cups of water, the blue holds 3 cups. It is on amazon too. 5Eureka! I have found you! By middle school, my kid was done with the rotation of the same two sandwiches. We tried funtainer for a while and it did NOT work at all. Maybe it was a defect. But this! This keeps that ravioli, spaghetti, soup and glorious leftovers earth's magma hot. First day my girl told me I could ease up, the food was actually too hot. Now I just warm in with a little hot tap water and microwave like a normal person and not blazing with the heat of 10,000 suns the way I used to have to. Great product. Great size. Clean the cap with a brush to get into the crevices. In short, it's kicka**! 5Badly designed, major leakage I used this for a week,gave it 5 stars. Wrong. Poor design lead to a catastrophic LEAKAGE FAILURE. The multi-part lid is designed to make it easier to open after vacuum develops from cooling food. The upper part of the lid group fits quite loose to begin with. It is VERY easy to dislodge if nudged during transport. Or- heaven forbid - it gets turned maybe 30 degrees from upright for a moment while getting to work. Te only thing that seals the beefy stainless steel jar is a pea-sized silicone gasket. If the upper part of the lid group comes loose, any liquid in the jar is loose in your briefcase, bag or whatever. So it is really a good jar if you don't plan to leave the house with it. But is is not safe to transport when full. I use a food jar when bringing food with a liquid element: soup, stew, pasta. So this is worthless.I used simple cheaper Thermos brand jar for years. Always able to open it with a minimal effort, despite slight resistance that cooling causes. I'm of average strength at best. This jar keeps food at about 140 degrees for at least 5 hours, not 180 like my Zojirushi coffee jugs, FWIW. Thank goodness I always put jar into a freezer size ziploc before travel!his product is a tremendous let down from a company I previously trusted implicitly. A simple solid lid would make this a 5 star item. But this highly faulty design earns 1 star and no respect from me. $30 I'll never see again! 1Everything about this is perfect, don't bother with other brands! This is the best thermos I have used. I also have the larger 17-oz size, but I had to order that from another vendor. I use boiling water in the morning to heat it up for 15-min or so, then put my hot soup or food into the container. It stays very warm or hot until lunchtime. There is a twist-off, removable top portion that opens so that you can let steam out before opening the actual lid. Cleans up very easily and ready for the next day! I find Zojirushi products to be superior to most everything else I have tried, so don't waste your money on the other brands--try this instead! 5It works! My 7th grader wanted to pack ramen for his school lunch, so we did a little experiment with the Zojirushi food jar. It works quite well! 5Beware the painted ones. These food jars work better than any of the others I have tried over the years at actually keeping things hot. For morning oatmeal consumed about 2 hours after filling the jar, I don't preheat. For lunch to be eaten 4-6 hours after filling, I preheat with boiling water. In both cases, the food is hot enough when I open it that I need to let it cool a bit before eating. So after having the larger, stainless steel exterior one for several years, I decided to get a smaller one for my morning oatmeal. I ordered the blue one because it was cute. After less than a week of use, the paint started chipping. I've only washed gently by hand. AVOID THE PAINTED ONES. Stick to the stainless, and you'll be fine. 4Finally, Something That Works. We've tried numerous thermoses for our kids to try and give them a hot lunch at school and this was the only one that worked. My son was really happy to finally get a warm meal for once. The biggest problem we ran into prior to this thermos was that when we heated something up and capped it, a vacuum would form making it difficult to get the container open. The design of this thermos has a mechanism to prevent the vacuum using a well engineered lid that allows a bit of air in using what I think is a small pressure valve and a "chamber" that's built into the lid. I thought cleaning would be a problem but really its not - everything comes apart and re-assembles very easily. I was a bit worried about the price but I just got fed up paying $15 for the last 4 we've tried and failed. 5
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